Monday 19 October, 19:00

The tribute “Boris Vian: Dreams Of Cinema” includes the film anthology “Rue des Ravissantes” [“Ladies Of The Night’s Street”], consisting of five remarkable short films—cinematic adaptions by new directors, from unpublished screenplays by Vian.

Three directors are discussing the adaptation of Vian's unpublished screenplays to the screen:
Julien Paolini (The Ηitchhiker)
Clémence Perdrillat (The Cowboy Of Normandy)
Chloé Larouchi (Our Faust)
Coordination: Olia Verriopoulou
The discussion will be in French with the option of simultaneous translation into Greek from French.

Watch the discussion here: 

The discussion was held in French with the option of simultaneous interpretation to Greek through Zoom Webinar.




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