The Goddess of Fortune

Κατάλογος Αφιερώματος
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  • Greek Title Η θεά της τύχης
  • English Title The Goddess of Fortune
  • Original Title La dea fortuna
  • Year: 2019
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Country: Italy
  • Duration: 118'
  • Director: Ferzan Ozpetek
  • Scriptwriter: Ferzan Ozpetek, Silvia Ranfagni, Gianni Romoli
  • Cinematography: Gian Filippo Corticelli
  • Editing: Pietro Morana
  • Music / Score: Pasquale Catalano
  • Sound: Andrea Gramigna
  • Cast: Stefano Accorsi, Edoardo Leo, Jasmine Trinca, Serra Yilmaz, Filippo Nigro, Sara Ciocca, Barbara Alberti, Edoardo Brandi, Cristina Bugatty, Pia Lanciotti
  • Production: Warner Bros Entertainment Italia
  • Co-production: R&C Produzioni
  • Awards: David di Donatello Awards (Best Actress, Best Original Song)
  • Color: Color
  • Audio: Sound
  • Language: Italian
  • Format: Μη διαθέσιμη πληροφορία
  • Subtitles: Greek
  • Print Source: Warner Bros Entertainment Italia


Arturo and Alessandro have been a couple for over fifteen years. Even though their passion and love have formed a close and important affection, their relationship has been in crisis for a long time. The sudden arrival of two children, left in their care for a few days by Annamaria Alessandro’s best friend, could give an unexpected turn to their tired routine. The solution will be a crazy departure for them both. But on the other hand, love is a state of pleasant madness. “The goddess fortune” has a secret, a magic trick. How do you always keep someone you love with you? You have to stare at them, steal their image, snap your eyes shut and keep them closed. They go straight to your heart, and from that moment on, that person will always be with you.

Ferzan Ozpetek

Ferzan Ozpetek moved to Rome to study the history of film, art history and drama at the Sapienza University of Rome. His directorial debut was with “Hamam” (1997) premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in the section Quinzaine des Realisateurs.



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