I remember you leaving all the time | Premiere of the 4K restoration

Premiere of the 4K restoration of Frida Liappa's
I remember you leaving all the time
Saturday, 16 December 2023 at 20:00
Greek Film Archive
Free Entrance

Update 19/12: Due to increased demand, the film will remain available to stream online until Saturday, 23 December.

The Greek Film Archive, Kiriakos Aggelakos and Drama International Short Film Festival are presenting the premiere of the 4K digital restoration of Frida Liappa’s I remember you leaving all the time (Μια ζωήσε θυμάμαι να φεύγεις [Mia zoi se thimame na fevgis] 1977, 45’).

The screening is presented as part of ‘A Season of Classic Filmsan initiative by ACE - Association des Cinémathèques Européennes, with the support of the Creative Europe MEDIA programme.

With the generous contribution of Social Affairs and Culture Association.

The premiere will take place on Saturday, 16 December (20:00) at the Greek Film Archive (Ταινιοθήκη τηςΕλλάδος [Tainiothiki Tis Ellados], Iera Odos 48 & Megalou Alexandrou) and the film will be available to stream online across Europe for 72 hours (from 16/12 at 21:30 to 19/12 at 21:30 GMT+2) through GFA’s platform online.tainiothiki.gr.

Both the physical and the online screening are offered for free.

The film will be screened with English subtitles and the online version will have both English and French subtitles.

The image and sound restoration were carried out from the original 16mm negatives and the final magnetic sound mix, wich were donated by Kiriakos Aggelakos for this restoration and are preserved at the Greek Film Archive vaults.




A love story set in the crucial transitional political period of the 1970s Greece.

In Athens, a radical female journalist and a former stage actor share their lives against the backdrop of the regime change, right after the fall of the military dictatorship and the first legislative elections in 1974. The film provides a portrait of a new generation of professional women who fought for changes both in politics and in their personal lives.

The film won second place at the Thessaloniki International Film Festival and the Best Film Award by the Greek Film Critics Association.

Frida Liappa is considered one of the leading figures of New Greek cinema, admired for her originality and her ability to make her mark in art cinema.




Director: Frida Liappa
Producer: Telecin EPE
Cast: Nena Menti, Dimitris Poulikakos, Betty Arvaniti, Kostas Baladimas, Irini Koumarianou, Stamatis Fasoulis, Yvonni Maltezou
Screenplay: Frida Liappa, Giorgos Korras
Cinematography: Nikos Smaragdis
Cinematography Assistant: Filippos Koutsaftis
Song: Koulis Skarpelis
Music: Giorgos Papadakis
Editing: Takis Giannopoulos



FRIDA LIAPPA (Φρίντα Λιάππα)


Born in Messene, filmmaker and writer Frida Liappa (1948-1994) was arrested for her political activism during the dictatorship when she was a university student. After completing her studies in literature in Athens and later, in cinema in London, Liappa became a member of the editorial board of the magazine Contemporary Cinema and published several poetry collections. Due to her bravery in the face of difficult subject matters and her distinct artistic style, she is considered one of the most important Greek female filmmakers.





Digital restoration supervisor: Electra Venaki
Image and sound restoration :  L’Immagine Ritrovata          
Material inspection : Christos Gartaganis, Tassos Adamopoulos
Production assistant: Ioanna H. Pipides
Subtitles:  Neaniko Plano
DCP mastering: L’Immagine Ritrovata   




  • Physical screening at the Greek Film Archive:
    Saturday, 16 December 2023 at 20:00
    With English subtitles
    Entrance is free on a first-come first-served basis.

  • Online streaming at GFA's platform online.tainiothiki.grr:
    From Saturday 16/12 at 21:30 until Tuesday 19/12 at 21:300 (EET, GMT+2) |
    With English and French subtitles.
    Free for 72 hours. Sign-up required (it is free). 


I remember you leaving all the time
I remember you leaving all the time
(Μια ζωή σε θυμάμαι να φεύγεις)

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