• Greek Title Η γυναίκα με την Μερσεντές
  • English Title Moka
  • Original Title Moka
  • Year: 2016
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Country: France, Switzerland
  • Duration: 92`
  • Director: Frédéric Mermoud
  • Scriptwriter: Tatiana De Rosnay, Frédéric Mermoud, Antonin Martin-Hilbert, Jean-Stéphane Bron
  • Cinematography: Irina Lubtchansky
  • Editing: Sarah Anderson
  • Music / Score: Christian Garcia Gaucher
  • Sound: Michel Casang
  • Cast: Emmanuelle Devos, Nathalie Baye, Samuel Labarthe, Jean-Philippe Ecoffey, Diane Rouxel, Marion Reymond, Paulin Jaccoud
  • Production: Producer: Julien Rouch, Damien Couvreur, Tonie Marshall, Jean-Stéphane Bron, Adrian Blaser
  • Co-production: Diligence Films, Bande à part Films, Tabo Tabo Films, Sampek Productions, RTS Radio Télévision Suisse
  • Awards: Locarno, Locarno Festival, Variety Piazza Grande Award 2016 / Genève, Bundesamt für Kultur, Swiss Film Award, Best Screenplay 2017 (Nomination)
  • Color: Color
  • Audio: Sound
  • Language: French
  • Format: DCP
  • Subtitles: Greek

Diane Kramer is led by one obsession: to find the driver of the mocha color Mercedes which hit her son and devastated her life. With a few belongings, some money and a gun, she goes to Evian, where she's learned the driver lives. But sometimes, the path of revenge is more tortuous than it seems… Diane will have to face another woman, friendly and mysterious.

Frédéric Mermoud

Born in 1969 in Sion, Frédéric Mermoud directed noted short films like The Staircase, awarded Best short film at the Swiss Film Award, and Rachel nominated for a Cesar. In 2009, his first feature film, Complices, is presented in Locarno Film Festival and receives Best Script at the Swiss Film Award. In 2012, he directs four episodes (5-8) of Canal+ series "Revenants", awarded of an International Emmy Award. He gets back to swiss cinema by directing Moka (2016) with Emmanuelle Devos and Nathalie Baye, which has a big critical and commercial success. He focuses then on thriller and directs six episodes of the Canal+ Engrenages series. He also directed the writing and production of around 40 ECAL (Art school of Lausanne) students.

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Custodians of filmic memory.



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