The legionnaire

Κατάλογος Αφιερώματος
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  • Greek Title Ο λεγεωνάριος
  • English Title The legionnaire
  • Original Title Il legionario
  • Year: 2021
  • Genre: Μυθοπλασία Fiction
  • Country: Ιταλία, Γαλλία / Italy, France
  • Duration: 81'
  • Director: Hleb Papou
  • Cast: Germano Gentile, Maurizio Bousso, Ilir Jacellari, Giancarlo Porcacchia, Marco Falaguasta, Simona Senzacqua, Hedy Krissane, Ina Gjika, Antonio Veneziano
  • Production: Clemart, Mact Productions, Rai Cinema, supported by / με την υποστήριξη της Regione Lazio
  • Co-production: with the support of / με την υποστήριξη των CNC, Artè/ZDF, Regione Lazio, Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg, Cinereach, Fondazione Calabria Film Commission
  • Awards: Διεθνές Φεστιβάλ Κινηματογράφου Λοκάρνο – Βραβείου Πρωτοεμφανιζόμενου Σκηνοθέτη / Locarno Film Festival – Best Emerging Director Award
  • Color: Color
  • Audio: Sound
  • Format: Μη διαθέσιμη πληροφορία
  • Print Source: Fandango
From Saturday, 22 Oct 2022 20:15 until Saturday, 22 Oct 2022 21:45
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Αγορά Εισιτηρίου

Saturday, 22 October 2022 | 20:15

Born of African immigrants, Daniel is an officer of the Italian riot police force. One day he discovers his squad has to clear out the occupied house where his family lives.
Daniel, born in Rome to African parents, grew up in an occupied building. Many years ago, he decided to leave and make a new life for himself, but now he is forced to return – this time, wearing the uniform of an officer in the State Police’s First Mobile Unit. His mission is to clear out the building where his mother still lives, along with his brother who has in the meantime become the leader of the occupiers.

Daniel, a cop among the occupiers and an occupier among the cops, has to choose: either remain faithful to his corps, or save his family from eviction.

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Custodians of filmic memory.



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