3D Exhibits

Multimedia Version

Multimedia Version

Within the framework of the Project "Digital Repository of the Greek Film Archive and the Museum of Cinematography" a multimedia version was produced, which contains rich documentary photographic material which has been digitized.

The multimedia titles includes:

- A Virtual 3-D Tour of the Museum of Cinematography

- Presentation of the collection of the exhibits of the Museum of Cinematography, fully documented using a wealth of photographic material. In addition, ten fully interactive, 3-D exhibit models have been constructed.

- Collection of Greek Film Posters

- Collection of Film Brochures

- Collection of Film Magazines

- Collection of Photographs from Greek Filmography

- Collection of Programmes from Greek Cinemas

- Video in which the birth of Cinema is presented.

Presentation of the Collection of Photographs Museum Exhibit Presentation
Presentation of the 3-D Exhibits Navigation through the Virtual  Museum