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The Greek Film Archive Foundation is a non-profit cultural organization whose purpose is the research, collection, conservation and promotion of the Greek and international film heritage. Since 1983, The Greek Film Archive has been a regular member of the International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF) and a founding member of the Association of European Cinémathèques (ACE). In addition, the Archive participates in the Greek Film Center, the Thessaloniki International Film Festival and on the Critics Committee for the Greek State Quality Film Awards.

Analytically, the purpose of the Greek Film Archive can be summarized in the following points:
 (a) The collection of films of any kind, Greek or foreign, their classification, conservation, (restoration as required), safekeeping as well as their promotion through public screenings.
 (b) The gathering and conservation of cinematographic documents (photographs, articles, books, screenplays, set models, newspapers, costumes, advertising material, programmes, and, in general, anything that has to do with the history of Cinema).
 (c) Maintaining contact with similar foreign organizations and FIAF, as well as the development of cultural and artistic relations and the joint hosting of events.
 (d) The organization of regular screenings, research into the technical and historical development of the cinema, and, finally, the creation of the Museum of Cinematography.

An important contribution of the Greek Film Archive is the rendering of services to researchers, students, academics, film critics, journalists and anyone else interested in cinema, from Greece or abroad. The contemporary researcher can take advantage of the Film Archive’s rich and continuously updated collection of books, a specialized cinematographic library, a collection of rare films on video and the use of the digital reading room. Another important development is the digitalization of the totality of Greek cinematography, greatly facilitating access to this information.