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Legal Framework – Financial Resources

Legal Framework
The foundation «Film Archives of Greece-Greek Film Archive» was established in 1963 as a Private Non-Profit Legal Entity under Greek Law, operating under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture. The founding, operation and character of the organization have been established in accordance with Royal Decree (R.D.) 105/63 published in the Official Government Gazette 20A/1963, with Law 1338/73 published in the Official Government Gazette 31/1973, as well as in the 4-8-2005 modification of R.D. 105/63, published in the Official Government Gazette 1105/2005, where the above-mentioned legislation has been amended and finalized.

Dépôt légal
Recently, demands on the cinematographic archives have increased, and adaptation to new realities is imperative. In Greece, unfortunately, dépôt légal does not apply, although it is a procedure that would oblige the state to dedicate increased care and resources to the conservation of film. Law 1597/68 provides for optional deposition of every Greek cinematographic production to our foundation, with the obligation on behalf of the foundation to reimburse the value of the copy. Given the limited financial capabilities of the foundation, the use of this law extends only to the reprinting of films – especially of old productions – of whose conservation their owner is uncertain. The Greek Film Archive, through a program contract with the Ministry of Culture, intends to have dépôt légal assigned to it for cinematographic productions. Besides, the Greek Film Archive is by far the most appropriate organization for the abovementioned assignation, since, above all, it has the technical infrastructure and know-how for the undertaking of such a responsibility.  

Financial Resources
 The budget for the operation of the Greek Film Archive is covered by a limited, annual subvention by the Ministry of Culture, the offering of services from the Ministry’s departments of film conservation and restoration, its participation in European Union programmes, from membership subscriptions and from small, private sponsorships. Today, screenings by the film archive, free for its regular members, are also open to the general public with the payment of a nominal ticket fee. The film restoration sector has also been partly subsidized by the Lumière E.U. programme.